Graduate Assistant Information

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate study transitions the student into the professional scholar. Graduate student appointments, in the form of assistantships and student employee positions, facilitate this transformation by providing an experiential opportunity, combining academic knowledge in the professional environment. The Graduate College seeks to ensure graduate students are successful in the performance of their appointment duties as well as their academic pursuits. The Graduate Student Employment Handbook details the policies and responsibilities that all graduate student employees share. It does not replace policies that are stated in the Graduate Catalog. Some departments have adopted additional guidelines for graduate student employees; please check with your supervisor or department chair for more information. The applicant is responsible for contacting the appropriate administrator to apply for the position in which he/she is interested. Graduate assistant positions can be found through career services

Applications must be renewed each academic semester. Positions must be relevant to the student's major.

Graduate assistants receive a stipend each semester. The stipend amount may vary by appointment and department.

Graduate assistants are eligible for six hours of tuition waiver granted by the academic unit during the Fall and Spring semester only.



To be eligible for the assistantship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be fully admitted to the Graduate College. Probationary, temporary, or provisional basis do not qualify.
  • Be admitted to a graduate degree program with a current plan of study on file with the Graduate College.
  • Additional criteria may be required by the employing department and the nature of the particular assignment.

To maintain eligibility for the assistantship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA. Students who fall below a cumulative 3.0 GPA will be removed from the position and permanently lose eligibility to apply for future positions.
  • Complete a minimum of six hours of graduate course work per semester. International students must complete in a minimum of nine hours of graduate course work per semester.
  • Have a positive performance review and be recommend for retention by the hiring department.

Application: (For the student)

At least thirty days prior to the start of each semester, the applicant will need to complete the graduate assistant application. The applicant will complete the top section and send to the hiring department.



Hiring Department only:

After receipt of the application, please review and complete the middle section. All items are required, including position number and hiring unit signature. Upload the application using the portal below.

A new application and a new PAF is required prior to the beginning of each semester for returning GA’s.

After the application is reviewed, the graduate college will review for minimum qualifications, academic progress and GPA. After the graduate college approves and notifies the hiring department, the PAF should be generated.

If the selected applicant is a new hire (not a returning GA), there will be additional documentation required by human resources. Please allow time in the hiring process for all requirements to be met.

The applicant is not allowed to begin the work assignment until all documents have been received by human resources.