Thesis & Capstone Manual

Congratulations on reaching this stage in your graduate education.

Within this manual you will find procedures and recommendations for developing a thesis or capstone project. Read and follow the guidelines carefully to avoid time delays in the completion of your project.

The manuscript that you submit must be in publishable condition. This means your paper should be without error no spelling, grammatical, or formatting error. The content of the manuscript should be clearly written and should follow the guidelines of the Graduate College and your discipline's writing style manual (APA, MLA, etc.).

Consult with your advisor frequently to ensure your thesis/capstone project is within the time frame for completion. If you have any questions about the information contained within this document, contact the Graduate College.

Purpose of the Thesis or Capstone

A final project is an essential part of graduate education. All graduate students should be knowledgeable about scholarship and research in their particular fields of study, and should engage in the process of conducting, analyzing, interpreting, and reporting their own personal projects.

A thesis/capstone is the result of research, scholarly, or creative activity that provides evidence of independent, critical, and creative investigation. The thesis/capstone experience demonstrates the ability to define and develop a problem; understand and synthesize relevant literature; use appropriate methodology; analyze and interpret data; and draw reasonable conclusions based on the investigation.

Graduate Student Responsibility

Requirements will not be waived, and exceptions will not be granted because of ignorance of policies, requirements, or procedures for graduate study. The responsibility to adhere to the policies and procedures as stated in the Graduate Catalog, these guidelines, and college and departmental regulations lies with the student.

Academic Honesty and Plagiarism

Academic honesty is a prerequisite for academic achievement; all members of the academic community are expected to act in accordance with this principle. The University recognizes plagiarism as a serious academic offense. Please consult the Graduate Catalog and work with your advisor regarding any questions related to academic and research conduct. Research projects that fail to follow appropriate academic and research procedures may be subject to rejection and other sanctions.

Approved by Graduate Council October 10, 2003
Draft Revision Effective Spring Semester 2006
Revised Spring 2010- Effective Fall 2010
Revised Fall 2018