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The Northeastern State University Office of Student Financial Services is dedicated to informing and educating you on options regarding federal student aid. The NSU Office of Financial Aid staff adhere to the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) code of conduct. Our main purpose is to provide you with the opportunity to reach your educational goals by ensuring you receive all eligible federal aid. Check out this Graduate student financial aid guide.

Student Financial Services

Graduate Scholarships

Criteria for scholarship eligibility:

New Students:

  • Must be enrolled in 6 hours of graduate level coursework
  • Must have a minimum 2.75 overall GPA or minimum 3.0 GPA in the last 60 hours of undergraduate coursework
  • Must be degree seeking or ACE program
    *If awarded, may apply to tuition only
    *New students and Transfer students are eligible to apply for this scholarship in the term that they are first enrolled in courses at Northeastern State University.

Continuing Students:

  • Must be enrolled in 6 hours of graduate level coursework
  • Must have a minimum 3.25 overall GPA
  • Must be degree seeking or ACE program
    *If awarded, may apply to tuition, fees, room and board, or books
    Continuing students are eligible to apply for this scholarship in the Fall, Spring, or Summer term.

Application Deadlines:

Deadlines for each scholarship term will be determined by the last date to enroll per term.

New Students: 5 deadlines per academic year

  • Fall 16 week term: Aug 31st (exception for 2020)
  • Fall Second 7/8 weeks: Oct 14th
  • Spring 16 week term: Jan 21st
  • Spring Second 7/8 weeks: March 12th
  • Summer: June 1st

Continuing Students: 3 deadlines per academic year

  • Fall 16 week term: Aug 31st (exception for 2020)
  • Spring 16 week term: Jan 21st
  • Summer: June 1st



Quad State Scholarship

Full-Time, degree seeking students from Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas are eligible for scholarships towards the non-resident portion of their tuition; however, students must first meet Northeastern State University's graduate student admission requirements. Depending upon your academic performance, housing preference, and number of hours enrolled, the amount of your scholarship will vary.

Graduate students that meet regular graduate admission requirements and are enrolled in at least 6 hours per semester, are eligible to receive a tuition waiver scholarship for 80% of their non-resident tuition. Graduate students living on campus are eligible to receive 100% of their non-resident tuition waived.

Please visit NSU Tuition & Fees for the current state tuition.


To apply for the Quad State Scholarship, visit the Scholarship website!

Graduate assistantships/student workers

Graduate study transitions the student into the professional scholar. Graduate student appointments, in the form of assistantships and student employee positions, facilitate this transformation by providing an experiential opportunity, combining academic knowledge in the professional environment. The Graduate College seeks to ensure graduate students are successful in the performance of their appointment duties as well as their academic pursuits. The Graduate Student Employment Handbook details the policies and responsibilities that all graduate student employees share. It does not replace policies that are stated in the Graduate Catalog. Some departments have adopted additional guidelines for graduate student employees; please check with your supervisor or department chair for more information. The applicant is responsible for contacting the appropriate administrator to apply for the position in which he/she is interested. Applications must be renewed each academic semester. Positions must be relevant to the student's major.

Graduate assistants receive $1,500 per semester for teaching three hours or working ten hours per week; $3,000 for teaching six hours or working twenty hours per week.

Graduate assistants are eligible for six hours of tuition waiver granted by the academic unit.

To be eligible for the assistantship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be fully admitted to the Graduate College. Probationary, temporary, or provisional basis do not qualify.
  • Be admitted to a graduate degree program with a current plan of study on file with the Graduate College.
  • Complete the entrance exam required for the graduate degree program, with the requisite score, and submit an official copy of the results with the Graduate College.
  • Additional criteria may be required by the employing department and the nature of the particular assignment.

To maintain eligibility for the assistantship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA. Students who fall below a cumulative 3.0 GPA will be removed from the position and permanently lose eligibility to apply for future positions.
  • Complete a minimum of six hours of graduate course work per semester. International students must complete in a minimum of nine hours of graduate course work per semester.



Graduate Student Professional Development & Research Grants

Procedures Requests for funding will be submitted to the Graduate College, where the Graduate Dean will review and approve the requests pending available funds.

Grant Criteria Professional development or research grant proposals are expected to be consistent with the Graduate College's vision and mission and have a reasonable correlation to institutional goals, priorities, and constituencies. Examples include proposals that:

Contribute to growth in knowledge of a field/discipline

Contribute to research activities that will enhance the graduate students ability to put into practice what they have learned in their graduate studies

Represent significant professional service to professional association or the community

Enhance efforts that will improve the student's overall professional growth in their chosen discipline

Eligible Funding Items: Items eligible for funding include (but not limited to):

Expenses associated with graduate research

Professional conferences for the purpose of remaining current in their chosen discipline, presenting at a professional conference, or serving in a significant official capacity (registration and travel expenses only; will not cover membership dues)

*Priority will be given to students presenting or serving in an official capacity with the conference (i.e. presenting, serving on planning board)

Professional development for specific knowledge and/or skill acquisition (including webinars and virtual conferences registration fees)

Funding is provided with the expectation that the developmental activity and/or research will increase the graduate students knowledge and ability to put what they have learned in their studies into practice.

Eligibility All degree seeking graduate students currently enrolled in at least 6 hours, or completing their last thesis or capstone hours if the student is enrolled in less than 6 hours, are eligible for funds. Students must be enrolled the semester they intend to use the funds. Graduate students must be in good academic standing at the time of their application with the graduate college (3.0 minimum GPA) and have the support of their program coordinator/chair.

Professional Development and Research Grant Limitations This award is a reimbursement for expenses incurred in research or professional development. Students must present receipts for research and professional development (outlined below) to receive reimbursement. If up-front expenses create a barrier for research or conference participation, please contact the Graduate College at (918) 444-2093.

Award amounts vary with a maximum of $750.00.

Application Process:

Submit a completed application form.

Provide a 250 word (maximum) abstract that provides an overview of research or professional development activity, your specific role in the activity or research, and how this activity/research will be beneficial to, you, the graduate student.

o For Research please share a list of individuals working on this research and their credentials, if the research has been approved by IRB (if applicable); timeline to conduct research; and what you will do with the results from the research. In addition, provide a detailed budget outlining expenses for individual items required to complete research.

o For Professional Development Provide documentation showing the registration costs associated with the conference/webinar/presentation and an estimated budget for travel expenses (lodging and transportation only meals are not covered). Note: to be reimbursed for fuel, students must meet all state and university requirements necessary to drive on state business.

Submit a max typed one-page report upon the conclusion of their research or upon their return from the professional conference.

o For research grants indicate the results from their research and plans for future study.

o For professional conference presentation/attendance--provide a copy of the presentation (if applicable); a reflection of their experience; and a copy or some other documentation showing their presentation on the conference schedule.

o This report must be submitted before the end of the semester they were awarded the funds to the graduate college. Failure to submit this final report, will result in the student being ineligible to submit future funding requests. In the unlikely event the student decides not to complete their research or attend the conference, the student will be expected to return the funds.

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