Accelerated Degree Programs


Thinking about continuing your academic career after earning your bachelor's degree?  Request information about Accelerated Degree Programs!

By completing an Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's Programs (ADP) from Northeastern State University, you'll gain that competitive edge in the job market and earn it much sooner.

There's no need to wait for commencement to start your graduate school journey. Our Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's Programs (ADP) feature strategically designed curricula that enable exceptional, qualified undergraduate students complete up to 12 graduate (5000 level) credit hours towards the completion of both the bachelor's and master's degree requirements. Earn 24 credit hours for the cost of 12!

Once accepted, you can:

  • Earn up to 12-credit hours toward a master's degree before completing your bachelor s.
  • Complete a master's degree sooner than if you were to start graduate school after earning the bachelor's saving time and money ($3,500 on average!).
  • Apply undergraduate scholarships and need-based aid toward graduate coursework while you are completing your bachelor's degree.

To apply:

  1. Review the Accelerated Degree Program Application Checklist (PDF).
  2. Complete the degree plan with signatures of the student, department chair, and graduate faculty advisor. Your degree plan will be uploaded into your self-service portal once you have completed the application.
  3. Complete the Graduate College Application.  For additional assistance, download the How To Apply as an ADP Student (PDF).

Accelerated Degree Plans Save You Time and Money!

Full eligibility and conditions are noted below, but you must:

  • Have 72 hours when you apply
  • Have Minimum 12 hours in your major
  • Meet GPA requirements

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nsu has financial aid options for graduate programs when a student has undergraduate awarded aid
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Program Options


BBA in Accounting / MS in Accounting and Financial Analysis

BBA Business Analytics / MBA Business Analytics

BBA Health Organizations Administration / MBA Healthcare Administration

BBA Health Organizations Administration / MBA Health Informatics

BS Environmental Health & Safety Management / MBA Environmental Health & Safety Management


B.S.Ed. Health and Physical Education / M.S. Health and Sport Science: Health Education

B.S.Ed Special Education Mild/Moderate / MED Special Education - Autism Spectrum Disorders


BS Chemistry: Biochemistry Option / MS Natural Science

BS Chemistry: Professional Option / MS Natural Science

B.S. Health and Human Performance: Recreation/Fitness to M.S. Health and Sport Science: Sport Administration/Management


BS Criminal Justice / MS Criminal Justice

BA Communication Studies / MA Communication Arts

ADP Eligibility

  1. Completed a minimum of seventy-two (72) undergraduate credit hours with a minimum of twelve (12) hours completed in a major field of study, including credits earned from advanced placement and prior learning assessment.
  2. Transfer students must have completed a minimum of twelve (12) semester hours at Northeastern State University.
  3. A minimum 3.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA, and a minimum 3.25 major GPA.
  4. Completed the Graduate Admission application. Students will be admitted provisionally. Upon successful completion of the undergraduate degree, students will be eligible for full admission to the graduate college.
  5. Unless otherwise specified by the graduate program, successfully complete the required entrance exam within the first twelve (12) graduate credit hours, including hours taken as an undergraduate student.
  6. Additional program eligibility. If there are none, the standard requirements for graduate admission will be followed.


  1. In all graduate level coursework, students will be engaged, assessed, and graded as a graduate student. However, students will remain classified as an undergraduate student.
  2. Once admitted to the accelerated degree program, students retain eligibility for undergraduate scholarships and financial aid. The aid may be applied toward graduate level coursework credited toward completion of the undergraduate degree.
  3. For tuition purposes, ADP students will be assessed the undergraduate tuition rate for undergraduate courses, and the graduate tuition rate for graduate courses.
  4. Prior to completing the bachelor degree, the GPA will be monitored by the undergraduate college. A minimum grade of C is required on all 5000 level courses counting toward the undergraduate degree. If either the overall undergraduate GPA or overall graduate GPA falls below 3.0, the student will be removed from the accelerated degree program. Readmission to the accelerated degree program will not be permitted.
  5. Once all undergraduate degree requirements and the degree is posted on the transcript, students in the accelerated degree program will be eligible for full graduate status and graduate funding (graduate assistantships, scholarships, graduate financial aid).
  6. Once fully admitted to the Graduate College, the GPA will be monitored by the Graduate College. If the overall graduate GPA falls below a 3.0, students will be placed on academic probation.
  7. A student who does not follow the approved degree plan may become ineligible to participate in the accelerated degree program.
  8. A student may withdraw from an approved accelerated degree program. Contact the Graduate College for specific requirements. Graduate credit hours completed prior to a student becoming ineligible to continue in the ADP, or withdrawing from the ADP, apply toward the baccalaureate degree only.